Linker Investigative Services, LLC

Kay Linker

Professional Investigator 

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A full-service agency owned and operated by Kay Linker. This agency offers confidential and comprehensive investigative services and case/evidence analysis. These services are provided in a very strict confidential manner, in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price. Services are offered to individuals, businesses, attorneys, and the general public.


Kay is a retired Law Enforcement Officer with 26 years experience. 25 of those years were as a Criminal Investigator.


She was employed by Kannapolis City Police Department her entire career. Her duties as a Criminal Investigator included investigations of homicide, rape, robbery, burglary, suicide, white collar crime, embezzlement, internal theft, fraud, and child sexual abuse. In addition, she investigated elderly abuse, missing persons, domestic situations, and performed extensive background investigations. Her skills include highly effective interviewing and interrogation.


She has many contacts throughout the Law Enforcement Community, Government Agencies, Attorneys, District Attorneys and the General Public. She also has a large number of fellow investigators who she partners with as needed. As a result of the many years in Law Enforcement, she developed the ability to prepare small and large case reports in a concise and accurate manner.


Her service area includes but not limited to Salisbury, Kannapolis, Concord, Charlotte and more.


Her commitment to her clients is offering a full-service agency that can assist you with all your investigative needs. For excellent investigative solutions, you can always count on Linker Investigative Services, LLC.


This agency respects the rights of clients and all information is kept strictly confidential pursuant to N.C.G.S. Chapter 74-C.